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you get in a car and you say but then you realize that black rock city is 14 damn hours away...
and so when you actually get there you find that there's nothing but and the wind is kicking and it's raining...
but the lame weather doesn't really matter, because all of the are there and that's what matters
and the reason that you are there is the and perfect strangers hug you and give you things for helping them through
but that's not all, some of my from detroit and california did some amazing things
and there's even though the weather is nasty, you still want to paticipate in some
as usual, there are plenty of things going on but of course none more important than funkmobile
then it is saturday night and it's time to and you know that it never really goes as planned
but you finally have to say because the cold and the wind and the rain just suck... but leaving early means there's time for a little side trip
i wasn't the only one taking pictures let me tell you... here's a page of to great pics that others took